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#Black magic expert call +27737053600 
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#Black magic expert and curse witchcraft specialist +27737053600
+27737053600 ** Do you feel like you are obsessed with bad spirits or do you think you have bad spirits following your back. How do you know that you are cursed? the following are some of the signs that you are either.
1. Having bad dreams or calling them.

2. Seeing Shadows in your house. Yet you cant trace any person in the African countries.

3.Feeling people moving in your house or room

A disease common all 4.Having in a family is a sign of a family and a curse in the this will most cases.

5.Producing or giving birth to an abnormal child. You must watch out for that.

6.You get a job and you are always dismissed or fired for small or not.

7.Ladies who have a period of time and when they come to concealment, they dint or they always have a miscourage or give birth to a dead person. Fetus is a sign of either the woman or the woman is cursed when she is pregnant. She is with you

There are very many signs of being cursed so contact
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Объявление №: 58073

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